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Energy, Passion and Charisma is what defines Black Sapphire. Based in Goa, the band is an ideal choice for Weddings, Corporate Events, Pubs, Parties or Music Festivals.
Having performed throughout the country from Jaipur to Mumbai to Bangalore and in their home state of Goa, Black Sapphire has countless weddings, events and massive music festivals under their belt.

"We aspire to create a new era of music where we perform with everything we've got and inspire people to create original music or cover songs like no one has ever heard before.
We guarantee you electrifying performance every single time!!!"

Alison Gonsalves
Lead Vocals / Guitarist

Born in the beautiful village of Majorda, Alison Gonsalves is indubitably one of the most renowned singers in Goa. A unique voical tone and style of singing is what sets him apart from everyone. He is known for his originals which are widely celebrated. His songs Mog Sasnacho, Mog Zala Mhaka and Aye Cheddva; have all received tremendous love from the konkani community. His recent debut english single 'Think I'm in Love' is also popular, specially among couples.
Alison recently worked on his debut Feature Film "Crazy Mogi" as Music Director and provided 4 original songs for the movie.  

With over a decade of On-Stage Experience, Alison feels that the stage is his home. He has been performing as a Solo Act as well as a duo act Enchanters Goa (Regarded as one of the best duos in Goa, performing for countless weddings, corporate events and parties).

Inspired by the likes of Bryan Adams, Queen, Coldplay and countless others, Alison believes in creating music and covering songs in his own style. 
Besides music, Alison is a crazy football fan. He loves to play the beautiful game. He is also mad about video games, loves to travel and is a total foodie.

Alison aims to create a legacy with his own music ! You will see him enjoy the stage as much as you'd enjoy him singing his best! Charm and a Pure Soulful Voice is what you will experience!

Ancy Gonsalves
Ancy Gonsalves
Female Vocals

Ancy hails from the coastal village of Majorda and is a total beach freak! She has always loved being in the limelight and she enjoys and adores the stage.
We're unsure whether she started speaking first or singing! Yeah! A singing toddler, that's what she was! With over a decade of stage experience, she knows how to woo the crowd. Been awarded for her singing quite a few times.She is a party person and enjoys dancing while on stage. Versatility is the key for her as she sings various genres of music and is also a multilingual singer. Her singing has taken her places to perform.She has been a part of one of Goa’s most popular singing duos, Enchanters Goa.

Ancy is a full fledged entertainer as she holds to the credit the experience of hosting events as well! She has worked as a Musician and a Music Director onboard, India's luxury cruise line Jalesh Karnika.

All in all, a singer by profession and a performer by nature.
It's all about Glory, Grace and a Powerhouse of a Voice! 

Cio Carvalho
Cio Carvalho
Keyboards, Synth & Backing Vocals 

The Keys Maestro, Cio is native to the scenic Sanguem. A perfectionist by nature, Cio started his musical journey at a tender age of 10. Learning from one of the best music schools in Goa; Pilar music school, he also did his TCL Grade exams. He's been in the show business for quite sometime performing with bands like, "Thousand shades", "Harmonixx Band" and also been a part of a very popular Goan Bollywood Band.

Cio's inspiration lies in a group of people who have held him through his musical path intently. The list includes his parents, his music teacher Mr. Rohan Deniz and friends (Valiston Fernandes and Leroy Pereira) inspired him to glow and grow.
He abides by the saying that goes, 'If everything was perfect, you would never learn and never grow'. This keeps him moving ahead! Learning and focusing!

You can see him enjoy his keyboard and music and there's an assurance that will tell you that he Loves What He Does! 

Cyrus Fernandes

Jordan Cyrus Fernandes

Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Hailing from the former capital of Goa; Chandor, Jordan Cyrus is all about the Bass! He can effortlessly play those low bass notes and get your heart pumping.
The youngest member of the band started his music journey at the bare age of 2 when his father taught him the basics of keyboard. Having keen interest in music, he quickly picked pace and learnt other instruments quite easily and soon started performing solo gigs professionally at the age of just 12!!!

At the age of 16, he met the love of his life - The BASS Guitar, which he learnt on his own. He performed with renowned bands like "Clay Jars" and "Archies".
He has been greatly inspired by the likes of Marwino Da Costa, Revellino Fernandes, Victor Wooten, Joe Dart, Jaco Pastorius, Josh Ham, Clay Gober, Nathan East etc.

Seeing his slap the bass while performing will leave you awestruck and believe in the saying that goes… Age is Just a Number. 

Brendon Monteiro
Brendon Monteiro
Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Hailing from a beautiful village of Cavelossim - South Goa, Brendon is a beacon of excellence. From the moment he first picked up a guitar, it was as if he had found his true calling in life. His fingers effortlessly dance along the strings, coaxing out melodies that seem to speak directly to the soul. Starting off from college bands, he hit the stage professionally for the first time in 2019, having played for top bands in Goa such as Crystal Touch, Shine On to name a few.

Brendon's talent goes beyond technical skill. He has an innate ability to infuse emotion into every note he plays, whether it's the raw energy of a rock anthem or the haunting beauty of a ballad. His guitar becomes an extension of himself, a conduit through which he expresses the depths of his being. Offstage, Brendon is humble and unassuming, yet his love for music shines through in everything he does. He spends hours honing his skills, constantly seeking to improve and evolve as a musician. For him, music is not just a hobby or a career – it is a way of life.

He has been inspired from the most famous world class guitarists such as Joe Satriani and Steve Lukather.

Anthony Bringel (Chico)
Drummer & Vocals

Anthony Bringel, a dynamic drummer hailing from North of Goa, embodies the essence of versatility and passion for music. With roots deeply entrenched in a family of musicians, his journey is a fusion of tradition, innovation, and an unwavering love for rhythm. From his early days harmonising melodies with his father on stage to commanding the beat as a proficient drummer, Anthony's evolution is a testament to his dedication and innate musical prowess.
Anthony's upbringing laid the foundation for his artistic journey. He was introduced to the stage at a young age, accompanying his father with his melodic vocals, thereby fostering a deep connection with performance art.

Anthony's transition to the drums marked a pivotal moment in his musical odyssey. Captivated by the rhythmic complexities and expressive possibilities of percussion, he embraced the instrument wholeheartedly. Drawing inspiration from genres spanning Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Fusion, Anthony honed his craft, infusing his performances with a unique blend of styles. His seamless ability to traverse across diverse musical landscapes reflects his eclectic taste and adaptability as an artist.

Anthony Bringel's journey as a drummer encapsulates a fusion of tradition, innovation, and artistic exploration. Rooted in his Goan heritage and nurtured by a legacy of musical excellence, he continues to carve his path as a versatile musician and performer. With each beat of the drum and every note sung, Anthony embarks on a musical voyage that transcends boundaries, uniting hearts and souls through the universal language of music.

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